UQi Pro Specifications

 Tech Specs
APP Connected 24/7 App with live dashboard, navigation, GPS tracking and ride stats, remote diagnosis, and more.
Top Speed 32 km/h (since the UQi Pro is slower than traffic, riders stick to the right of traffic as with a regular bike)
Two Riding Modes ECO, SPORT
Power   500W Bosch motor, max continuous power 750W
Regenerative  Yes
Range Up to 50 km
Battery Portable, fast charging lithium battery (48V21Ah)
Battery Weight 5.2 kg 
Charging Time Under 4 hours
Lighting LED
Front Brake Hydraulic disc brake
Rear Brake Hydraulic disc brake
Max. Loading Capacity (Including Passenger and Cargo) 147 kg
Seating Capacity 2 people (with extra seat kit)
Vehicle Weight (Including Batteries) 55 kg
Driver’s License Riders over the age of 18 do not require a license in most provinces. As laws vary per province, please check with your local authorities or ask your NIU dealer prior to purchase.



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