UQi+ Specifications

 Tech Specs
APP Connected 24/7 App with live dashboard, navigation, GPS tracking and ride stats, remote diagnosis, and more.
Top Speed 32 km/h (since the UQi+ is slower than traffic, riders stick to the right of traffic as with a regular bike)
Two Riding Modes ECO, SPORT
Power   500W NIU motor, max continuous power 750W
Regenerative  Yes
Range Up to 85km or 115km
Battery Portable, fast charging lithium battery (48VAh31Ah / 1488 Wh ) or (48V42Ah / 2016 Wh)
Battery Weight 11 kg 
Charging Time Under 7 hours
Lighting LED
Front Brake Hydraulic disc brake
Rear Brake Drum brake
Max. Loading Capacity (Including Passenger and Cargo) 147 kg
Seating Capacity 2 people (with extra seat kit)
Vehicle Weight (Including Batteries) 75 kg
Driver’s License Riders over the age of 18 do not require a license in most provinces. As laws vary per province, please check with your local authorities or ask your NIU dealer prior to purchase.



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