NIU understands the importance of offering competitive prices to our customers. If a NIU product is sold at a lower price by another online retailer, the downtown Montreal and Toronto locations, and this website will be happy to price match.

To determine if a product is eligible for a price match, please review the conditions listed below:

  • The online retailer must be an authorized NIU retailer.
  • The product must be new.
  • The product must be identical in terms of year, model, color, material, size, and any other relevant criteria.
  • The product must be in stock on the retailer's website at the time the price match request is made.
  • The final checkout price, including shipping fees, taxes, and duty fees, must be lower than the final NIU checkout price.
  • The final price must be shown in the same currency as the price listed on the NIU Canada website.
  • The policy is valid for a price match within 14 days of a purchase.
  • The policy can be applied once per purchase.

To request a price match in a Toronto or Montreal NIU store, simply present the valid online advertisement at the time of purchase or send it to The submission will be assessed, and if approved, the price will be matched promptly.